10 Small Bathroom Space Ideas

The bathroom space is essential in the home. Of course, we all know the relevance of this space. This is where we take our baths and do some washing. But unfortunately, most of the bathroom space in many homes is usually small and sometimes uncomfortable for the user. But this is supposed to be a room where we are convenient. But never mind this article shares some big ideas that can help your small bathroom space. These ideas may have some drastic and physical effects while some might have some form of psychological effects.

Here are 10 Small Bathroom Space Ideas

best Bathroom Space ideas

 Keep your bathroom space clean.

The very first idea for your bathroom space in this article is you should ensure your bathroom space is clean and maintained in a clean state. This might not be new to you as it sounds basic but it is worth mentioning.  Keeping your bathroom clean would ensure that specks of dirt are well taken care of and more importantly the bathroom space would be free from clutters. You know clutters in the bathroom may constitute some form of pain and nuisance for you in your bathroom space. The only way to prevent this is to ensure that you clean the space regularly which would, in turn, declutter your bathroom space

Opt for a smaller sized sink

This idea is to help you maximize space in your bathroom space. Let say that bathroom space is truly small, it is important to consider limiting the sizes of some structures. One of them is the bathroom sink. Installing a small sink in the bathroom is one way you can make that small bathroom appear bigger. You don’t need a big sink because a big sink would take up a large space and this is what you want to avoid. A large sink will overwhelm the little space you are trying to conserve. Choose a smaller sink that can easily complement the little space you have.

Simplicity is the key

Another important and powerful idea for your bathroom space is simplicity. Your bathroom space should not have complex designs. Simplicity helps to make the bathroom space appear bigger you should maintain simplicity in design. This can be in the form of using white tiles. White tiles on the floor are one of the features of simplicity. It Bathroom space carries a psychological meaning of increased space. Another approach to simplicity is to make use of light colors for painting. Light colors just as white tile have the same effect. They help to create more space or they give an illusion of more space. Avoid putting unnecessary items in the bathroom; your bathroom space should be kept as simple as possible.

Make use of a large bathroom mirror

Another idea for your bathroom space is to place or hang a large mirror in your bathroom space. Normally and as a convention, every bathroom should have a mirror in them. Mirrors can help to make the bathroom bigger which of course is well appreciated as they help to reflect light and thus giving an optical illusion of space. They also help with hygiene as you can make use of your mirror while brushing. That is they help to make teeth brushing much easier.

Reduce Contrasts and Division Lines

The division lines present in the bathroom together with dark color contrasts will not make the bathroom space look good. This is because they make your bathroom space look smaller. You should avoid this.

Place in the bathroom a piece of Clear Glass Frameless Shower Enclosure

Another idea for your bathroom space is to put a piece of clear glass frameless shower enclosure. This piece is great and nice for your bathroom space. It brings beauty and makes you appreciate your bathroom space more. It can also make your bathroom space appear bigger. But before you put them in the bathroom you should consult a professional so that an appropriate size can be recommended for your bathroom space.

Use similar materials

The next idea for your bathroom space in this article is to make use of similar materials in your bathroom space. Although some might be indifferent about it and some people might like a particular combination. That is they like to combine many dissimilar materials in the bathroom. But the best and expert advice you would get for your bathroom space is to make use of similar materials. This would help to maintain synergy and orderliness. It makes your bathroom space more orderly. And again it creates and the illusion of increased space in your bathroom.

You should also note that having a mixture of dissimilar materials in the bathroom space may bring about confusion in spatial orientation. For example, your bathroom space contains striated marble tile on the floor, glass mosaic on the wainscot, painted drywall above the wainscot, ceramic tile in the shower, and even more, you have an overload of dissimilar materials. This could look somehow to you. You should rather opt for similar items.

Place a towel rack in that small bathroom space

 Best bathroom spaceAnother tip and idea for your bathroom space are to make use of a towel rack. This would essentially help to reduce disorganization in the bathroom space. As your towels depending on how many you have and how many people is making use of the bathroom space will be well and neatly arranged.

Make use of wall cabinet

In the bathroom space, the walls are most of the time free. Wall cabinets can be an essential addition to the bathroom space. It would help to free up space and make the bathroom space neater and well organized. Many items could be kept in it like your soap, brush, shampoos, and other items. This is considered a storage idea.

Make use of dustbins

The last idea for you in this article is the use of dustbins. Of course, this idea might not be strange to you but it is worth mentioned nevertheless. Dustbins should be well utilized to dispose specks of dirt in the bathroom especially tissue papers. These dustbins should be regularly emptied to make maintain a clean bathroom space. Don’t forget a clean bathroom space appears bigger than a cluttered one.



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