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We are a dedicated team of high-end construction professionals with a commitment to innovation, problem-solving, superior design, and unwavering drive for perfection.

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For over 20 years, SBH Group has remained steadfast in our mission to deliver world-class, top-performing high-end general construction services to our valued customers throughout the eastern seaboard. Serving the needs of our clients from New Jersey to Florida, New York to Georgia, and everywhere in between, SBH Group prides ourselves on providing high-quality work and exceptional service that helps bring our client’s vision to life. As high-end general construction industry leaders, SBH Group believes in building long-lasting relationships with our clients centered on respect, integrity, and above all else, honesty. As a service-minded organization, we embrace a humanistic approach to the work we do. We focus on more than just the building – we also focus on the people behind the building. Offering a unique boutique experience unlike any other in the construction industry, SBH Group was founded on the simple belief that through hard-work, unshakeable ethics, and a passionate commitment to quality, anything is possible. We are a dedicated team of high-end construction professionals with a commitment to innovation, problem-solving, superior design, and unwavering drive for perfection. Providing knowledge, energetic solutions, and superior service, SBH Group has remained committed to building long-term relationships and high-end construction projects for over two decades. We approach our work with humility and integrity, and whether choosing a quality sub-contractor to assist in our work or providing a modern solution for unanticipated complications, our team has the experience, the passion, and the skill to smoothly deliver exceptional work that is on-time, on-budget, and meticulously executed.
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Why choose SBH Group
For your High-End construction project? ​

At SBH Group, we work with a wide variety of clients, customers, and industry leaders to provide a high-end construction experience that is second to none.  From architects to real estate investors, engineers to interior designers, commercial entities to planning committees, and beyond – SBH Group is the high-end construction team that puts your needs, goals, and dreams above all else.  Beyond our high-end construction services, we also proudly offer renovation services, construction consultations, corporate inquiries, commercial office services, luxury home and condo construction, condominium maintenance services, as well we property management and general manager services.

By choosing to work with SBH Group for your high-end construction needs, you are aligning yourself with a powerful team of dedicated professionals who will stop at nothing to ensure that your project is on time, on budget, and of exceedingly high quality.  We look forward to the opportunity to serve you and help bring your construction project to life.

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