Corporate Service

SBH GROUP has a corporate construction service built for high-level construction management with experience. Our services are cost-effective, time-sensitive, and quality-controlled, always with the best interests in mind. Our Corporate Services are built on the premise that smaller construction projects should enjoy the same high degree of managerial experience, productivity, flexibility, and attention to the client’s needs as more prominent and more costly projects. Owners in northern New Jersey and New York City are opting for building management systems for projects of all types today, and our methodology remains the same. We offer comprehensive Corporate service programs that are customized to the specific needs of each customer.

Why Choose SBH GROUP Corporate services

Design & Construction

SBH GROUP Corporate Service has the experience to see your idea through from start to finish. Our team has undertaken several active design-build projects and can seamlessly navigate the development, design, and construction phases of a project. This makes for more precise cost and time estimations and provides the customer with the ease of dealing with a single point of contact during the project. Our design-build team collaborates closely with our clients in northern New Jersey and New York City to design and create a project that fits their specifications while remaining within their budget.

Contracting in general

We have significant expertise and experience in the banking, office, light manufacturing, retail, and education sectors as a general contractor.

Our Corporate Service is ideally suited to address our clients’ demands in a timely and cost-effective way because of our years of experience in general contracting and the wide variety of projects we have completed. If a customer interacts with us, they become a member of our team. We work as a team to identify their needs and then offer cost-effective solutions.

Control of the construction phase

Our in-house project managers assist our customers in assembling a construction team and facilitating the planning process with chosen architects and engineers. We have connections with experts all over the state, and we will put together a team to oversee the project from start to finish.

Maintenance Service

At SBH GROUP, we take a team attitude to everything we do. With our facility management staff by your side, you can rest easy knowing that help is only a phone call away, day or night. We can still be relied on when our customers need us, whether for routine preventive maintenance or 24-hour emergency care.

Auditor or internal revenue service staff
Team of Business People Discussing Construction Plans

Corporate Services Near Me

  • Suppose you are searching for a Corporate Construction Service near me. In that case, SBH GROUP offers a wide range of construction facilities for commercial, manufacturing, and residential projects in northern New Jersey and New York City. Each project is tailored to your unique requirements as a customer. We have a long record of achievement in large-scale building programs and massive upgrades, as well as complex projects such as clean rooms, labs, and medical offices.

    We provide a full-time workforce with the expertise, training, and determination to offer the best support possible in northern New Jersey and New York City. Our contractors share our dedication to delivering the highest quality finished result and ensuring complete customer loyalty.

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