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SBHGROUP is the firm to contact if you need a general contractor in northern New Jersey and New York City.

It takes a lot of effort to become one of the leading high-end general construction services in northern New Jersey and New York City. To get general construction done, you’ll need years of hands-on experience, excellent project management skills, and a great squad. Sbh group high-end general contractors deal directly with architects and builders, as well as with homeowners. It’s not unusual for us to work with three clients on a single project! Every project is viewed as our own, and we aim to meet standards on every project. Our construction services are equal to none for interior or exterior renovation, luxury custom homes/condos, and commercial offices. We are the best you can rely on for your North New Jersey zip and New York City construction services.

Is the High-end General Construction Service for You to Use?

With over several years of construction experience, we are our clients’ collaborator in ensuring that their project meets the agreed-upon timeline, efficiency, and budget. Our commitment to keeping our project sites clean and orderly aids our capacity to respond to any problems that could occur. When each construction project begins to come together, our high-end general contracting services have our clients’ priorities in mind. We can deliver projects that are of the highest quality, value, and safety because of our expertise and experience.


SBH GROUP prequalifies and rigorously reviews our subcontractors, trading partners, and vendors based on their stability and previous results. This guarantees that everyone on the worksite meets our Construction’s high-quality expectations.



To ensure seamless project implementation, we build good working relationships with subcontractors and vendors, backed up by our high ethical expectations in treating everybody equally. Our active coordination strategy holds teams responsible for completing projects on schedule and budget.



We have the requisite expertise to address challenges that occur during the construction process quickly and efficiently. We also have an open line of contact with all stakeholders to ensure that project milestones and deadlines are reached on schedule.

Our staff will take care of all of your construction needs and will listen to everything you have to say. We make it into everything you want it to be and more. We value hard work and commitment to ensure that our clients receive the space they have long envisioned for their Construction.


Let us handle the next construction project’s 

 Every time we create a project, we make our clients happy and make their buildings enjoyable and exclusive. Client happiness is our top priority, so let us know what you’re looking for so we can collaborate to create the room you’ve always dreamed of and more. Enable us to show that we are a team of experts capable of building your dream workspace!


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SBH GROUP is the firm to contact if you need a general contractor in northern New Jersey and New York City. And please tell us what you’re looking for. We will come up with the right concept for you if we work together.

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