5 Home Remodeling Trends

Thinking about remodeling your house or apartment? Maybe just one of the spaces to start small? Discovering alternatives to remodel and renovate your spaces can be fun. There are many options for home remodeling trends, from conservative trends, others full of nature, to some more risky industrial ones.

We invite you to be inspired with this list of home remodeling trends that we have prepared so that you can choose your favorite and encourage you to leave your spaces as you dream them!

Home Remodeling Trends

Home Remodeling Trends

1. Multi functional and minimalist designs , great remodeling trend

When you are looking for your spaces to really have a use, that you can enjoy them, you need their design to be really functional. For example, a study that allows you to use it for work, but also to relax while reading a book, or watching a movie. How about including folding, sliding doors that allow space to be separated when needed?

The living room and dining room is also another of the places in the house that are being characterized by being more open and integrated, also including the kitchen. Thus, if you have a special occasion you can share it with your family in a spacious and comfortable area.

Minimalism continues to prevail as a trend of less is more. Less is more space, fewer elements is more order, less is more comfort.

2. Incorporation of green solutions

Caring for the environment is a priority. When thinking about remodeling your house or apartment, you can also5 Home Remodeling Trends include options for solar energy systems or rain collection for better use.

If it is not very easy to install solar panels, you can also check how you can renew your spaces with products and appliances that allow energy savings. Take the opportunity to modernize your kitchen and carry out the remodeling including a new stove and oven with technologies that reduce energy use, for example, switching to a natural gas one.

3. Use of sustainable materials , another of the home remodeling trends

Following the line of caring for our planet, sustainable furniture is one of the home remodeling trends with the greatest impact today. The use of plastic is left behind for decorative elements or kitchen utensils, for example. Taking advantage of old furniture and getting that vintage touch is another option that you can contemplate.

The use of bamboo is also imposed, since it is a natural, renewable and ecological material. The artisan trend has also allowed clay to be used again for walls, facades, and ceilings, achieving different textures. As for paints, it is best to opt for those that are free of harmful compounds, made from biodegradable compounds.

4. Spaces full of well-being and nature

Interior decoration and remodeling currently stands out for creating more organic, ecological and lively environments. Precisely, light-colored wood, bamboo, handcrafted fabrics, are typical of the natural trend ; the elements of clay, iron and steel are the most used materials in the industrial type trend.

The touch of freshness is given with the decoration with live plants, green walls, and water fountains. The most prominent colors are earth tones, grays, blues and greens.

5. Personalized environments

Home Remodeling TrendAs more time is spent at home now, the remodeling of kitchens, bedrooms and green areas has had a significant increase. It is increasingly important to have areas that allow you to cook rich recipes, rest properly, and have an area to exercise, or relax.

Depending on your needs and hobbies, you can also take them into account to modify certain places in your house or apartment.

Do any of these remodeling trends sound familiar to you for your house or apartment ? If you want to receive more advice and a helping hand to make your work easier, remember that you can count on SBH’s Home Remodeling service . This way you will have a diagnosis and the realization of the work with expert professionals in architecture, engineering, construction and a supervisor. At SBH Group we make your household chores flow!

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