Interior Design: Easy Ideas to Renovate Your Home in Your Spare Time

Now that you have more time to be at home, a good idea is to take advantage of it to renovate your home. Simply, you can change small decorative things such as cushions, lights, or paint to get a change in your spaces. Would you like it? Well, do not stop reading our article or do our master’s degree in interior design and become a specialist on the subject.

Easy Ideas to Renovate Your Home in Your Spare Time

Easy Ideas to Renovate Your Home

If you have always wanted to change some details or make a new interior design in your house, this quarantine can be dedicated to it. In truth, there are many ways to make various reforms in your home without having to carry out major works. Remember that small changes can cause an entire environment or a room to transform. Therefore, we propose some ideas to remodel your house in this quarantine. We started!

Change your interior design with paint

We really believe that painting your house is something you can do without problem, always keeping the trends in mind. Also, combining colors in the same room. So, if you haven’t painted your house for a while, this may be your great time to do it.

Now, if you want to paint it according to the colors that will be in fashion this year, we tell you the trend of this year.Easy Ideas to Renovate Your Home in Your Spare Time Currently, the colors to dress your home range from the most elegant black to dark shades of gray or green. These colors show great sophistication without false highlights. However, if you prefer sweet tones, classic blue or mint green, they are the base colors that come for this spring. Also, you can use them to mix them with other colors or to give a more complete appearance.

Renew your decoration

Another task you can do to redecorate your home in this quarantine is to hang pictures or frames with your favorite photos. You can do it with reusable materials or buy them online. Another plan to personalize your home, especially your living room, is to change the curtains for blinds and make a change with everything. By this, we mean cushions, blankets, rugs, and decorative objects.

Among the trends for this season are natural materials and curvy shapes that were already used for a long time but now come with more force. This style is not only used in organic furniture pieces, it is also used in lamps and accessories. Not forgetting the round shape of the rugs that are a unique touch for this spring.

Transform your internal design by moving furniture

Believe it or not, you can expand and gain more space without having to tear down walls. All you have to do is modify the layout of your furniture. You will see how your entire stay is transformed just by changing the location of your things. For this reason, we recommend that you limit the large furniture and change it for small sideboards. Another tip is to use suspended chairs or hang objects on the walls to leave as much free floor as possible.

Modify your lights

Renovate Your HomeThe lighting in the rooms and halls is very key to generating feelings of comfort. For this reason, you can make a whole new interior design just by switching from warm light to neutral light. Also, you can choose to move switches for smart plugs and LED bulbs. With this, in addition to redecorating, you will avoid that the consumption of your light goes off during this quarantine. Another idea that is very in trend is to include led strips to play with indirect lights.

Paint your furniture

Changing the appearance and restoring your furniture is an excellent idea for doing this quarantine. So you can give them a new life and more time of use. For this you can use a very simple paint to make this craft, always taking into account the color of your room to match. For example, chalk paint or chalk paint allows you to make various combinations to renovate an old piece of furniture. All you have to do is clean the piece well, paint it, wax it, and voila, it will look like new! Remember that you can paint smooth, with textures, patterns, or templates, it will look pretty good.

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