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“What sets you apart?” This is an excellent question from our potential clients. There are hundreds of property management services out there, but why are we consistently the top-rated property management firm in northern New Jersey and New York City suburbs?

We assume the solution is simple: we specialize. We don’t run low-end properties, so we don’t have to deal with the usual issues that property managers in New Jersey face regularly. What exactly are the problems?

  • Disputed evictions
  • Rent that hasn’t been charged or paid on time
  • Enraged tenants and landlords who are irritated
  • Cleaning and rehab after a move-out become a nightmare.

SBH GROUP can function MORE effectively as an organization by concentrating on higher-end houses, condos, and townhomes targeting well-qualified tenants. This also means we will deliver prices, with full-service management allowing you to put more money in your wallet per month.

PLUS, we’re now giving new clients the ability to check us out for free! We’re so convinced you’ll enjoy our service as the best match for your property management.

SBH GROUP Property Management service

Expert property managers essentially work to ensure that you make as much money as possible from your property. The majority of investors don’t know or desire to manage their properties on a long-term basis. They want good tenants, a consistent income, and long-term equity growth with little daily involvement. As a result, our team of management specialists at SBH GROUP Property Management service covers every aspect of real estate property management, including:

  • Leasing and maintenance of properties
  • Inspections, collections, and evictions are all part of the accounting process.
  • Legal compliance with the northern New Jersey and New York City Property Code

We can expose your investment property to thousands of potential renters daily using aggressive marketing techniques and on the most heavily trafficked rental websites. This, combined with our thorough tenant screening process, ensures that highly desirable tenants occupy your units. We look for tenants who will stay for a long time and pay their rent on time. 

What You Get From SBH GROUP Property Management Services


The importance of marketing in the rental industry cannot be overstated. To optimize your return on investment, we have a specialist business study for each property we manage.


We perform thorough background checks on all renters and manage every part of having your investment leased as quickly as possible.


We make ensure that you get billed on time, every time. You don’t have to be worried about the rent turning up in your bank account any longer.


We perform pre-move-in and post-move-out checks to ensure that all maintenance problems are resolved promptly.


It’s never been easier to keep track of your investment with our robust financial management software and online owner platform.


If a resident must be evicted from your rental, we will relieve you of the hassle and re-rent the house as soon as possible.

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Why Choose SBH GROUP Property Management Service

Enable our property management experts to help you make the best out of your real estate investments. If you’re a first-time homeowner looking to buy a home for rental income or a seasoned property manager looking for the best management firm, give us a call. Our property managers have over several years of experience managing a portfolio of properties in northern New Jersey and New York City, Uptown, Downtown, and other neighbourhoods. 

Give us a call right now to learn how we can assist you in finding the ideal investment property while saving you money through expert representation and low-cost professional property management services.

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